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Duplo V-767 Form Burster
Duplo V-767 Form Burster
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Model: V-767
Type: Floor stand model
Size of form: Length: 3 to 12 inches, Width: 5 to 18 inches (5-16.9inches without margin slit)
Paper feed: Electrical pin tractor
Stacker: Electrical conveyor stacker
Cutting method:    Bursting method (roller lifting method)
Margin cut: Margin cut width: 0 to 9/8 inches
Preset: 100
Display: 128 x 64 dot graphic LCD
Dimensions: In use: 687 (W)x1356(D)x1085(H)mm [27(W)x53.4(D)x42.7(H)in]Folded (with safety unit attached): 687(W)x900(D)x999(H)mm [27(W)x35.4(D)x39.3(H) in]
Power source: AC120V}10%50/60Hz
Power consumption: Standby:17W(0.2A) Max:320W(2.7A)
Weight: 89.2kg(196.7Lb)